Strategic Formulation


Strategy creation is no longer a linear process.  
A top-down systematic approach is often not dynamic enough to meet future uncertainties.

Continuous Planning with Feedback

The KDJ Group features a comprehensive methodology to strategy creation known as Continuous Planning with Feedback.  This methodology is an enhancement of a concept introduced by Dr. Ravi Kalakota. 

The KDJ Group’s approach to Continuous Planning with Feedback features:


1.  Vision:  Without it no course can be set; no goal reached.  We can define or redefine corporate vision to capitalize on your strengths and exploit opportunities.

2.  Objectives:  With vision stated, we help define specific complimentary goals that incorporate a requisite amount of stretch that, when attained will significantly impact revenue.

3.  Tactics:  We work with you to develop and implement the specific tactics required to meet the objectives. 

4.  Communication:  No vision and subsequent implementation plan can work without clearly communicating those objectives. 


The KDJ Group understands how to apply this approach to all of part of a clients’ environment to devise and implement solutions that make a positive difference.  Continuous Planning with Feedback gives our clients the edge because it creates a ‘living’ model that adjusts based on well-developed scenarios.